Supporting your Homeschool Journey

We were tasked with reimagining the online web presence for Abilene-area Big Country Home Educators, a homeschool support community for families in the local area. We reinvigorated the visual design, bringing a clean, simple, yet concise face to the organization. Prospective members complained about the accessibility of information about the fundamentals of the organization, which is key in bringing in new families to the program. We neatly organized the mission statement, commonly asked questions and a snapshot of the benefits of family membership into easy to navigate pages and headings, allowing prospective members a seamless onboarding experience with the addition of a native membership sign-in and registration system that integrates with Membership Platform Wild Apricot, keeping users focused and in the correct place. Overall, the project brought this organization a much-needed refresh and facelift to an extremely valuable and resourceful membership community for the local area.


  • Front-End Design
  • Back-End Development